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How Solar Panels Work On A Home

John Schaeffer's home at Sunhawk Farms

Have you ever driven by a roof filled with solar panels and wondered how solar panels work on a home?

We can trace all energy used on Earth back to the source…the nearest star, our sun. Power from the sun is the most abundant energy resource we have available on earth.« Continue »

How Does the California Solar Rights Act Work?

Seeking to promote the use of solar energy in California, the State Legislature passed the California Solar Rights Act in 1978. Background on the California Solar Rights Act The California Solar Rights Act invalidates any deed, easement, covenant or other restriction on land that effectively prohibits or restricts the installation or


5 Ways to Get Your Solar Panels HOA Approved

If you want solar and your home is under the jurisdiction of a Home Owner’s Association, you may need to go through an approval process. Some may not require anything. If your HOA does require approval for going solar, rest assured that the majority of HOAs in California approve solar energy systems without a


How I Used LED Light Bulbs To Cut My Electric Bills

LED Light Bulbs, compared to incandescent and compact fluorescent (CFL), can be more efficient, durable, versatile and longer lasting. LEDs are now being incorporated into bulbs and lighting fixtures for homes. Many LED bulbs may even look like familiar light bulbs. Some still look a bit like they are from the future. I’ve found that […]